Mishele Moment | Ticket Fiasco

Way back in April my friend and I planned our European summer adventure. A fast paced, multi city tour, multi country sojourn which was setting up to be quite the adventure. We purchased flight tickets* and made our hotel accommodations, then set a countdown and continued on with work/life.

August 14

The highly anticipated departure day arrived! The first leg of our journey from Taipei to Athens, with so much excitement we hit the airport a full 3 hours before boarding. We lounged around and had our last meal in Taiwan, before heading to the check-in with lots of time to spare. However, our exchange with the check-in attendant didn’t go as planned. The attendant informed us, that our flight tickets had been cancelled the same day as booking and we weren’t on the rooster for the flight. My excitement and happiness came to a complete stop when she gave us back our passports and said there was nothing she could do.

We went to their help counter to try and book tickets and the flight was full. Left with little options, we searched online for another flight and lucked out with Turkish leaving the same day, just a few hours later. So we went on the hunt for the Turkish Airlines counter, but there wasn’t one. When we finally found someone representing Turkish, they said we couldn’t make the bookings with them as they don’t handle the tickets. So we buy the tickets online at the airport using pubic wifi: not something I would normally do for security purposed but we were in a jam.

Tragedy strikes again!!

When I booked the tickets I reversed the order of my friends name. So there is panic (for me at least) as I frantically call Turkish Airlines to correct the mistake before check-in. They either said they can’t do anything, or fill out a request form online and they’ll get back to you within 7 days. The best answer, was to buy another ticket with the right name, then call back with proof so they could refund the cost of the original ticket. Trying to contact the customer service rep for Turkish and repeatedly being disconnected, became extremely stressful. My friend decided to call it quits, after trying option 2 and being unsuccessful. She told me to go on without her, so at least one of us makes it.

But that was not good enough for me, considering how much planning and how excited we were for this trip: I would not be defeated like this, so I made one more desperate plea. I went to the check-in counter for Turkish and told them our situation.  They said “you just tell the check-in counter and they can fix it for you”. That was it and so we made it onto the flight and began our adventure, thankfully.

*We booked with Scoot airlines back in April, through Vayama, your trusted international flights expert. Earlier in the year we had a problem with Scoot, delaying our flight from Japan to Thailand. Back in January, we swore off Scoot, complained on their Facebook and pledged never to fly with them again. Yet while planning this trip, Scoot had the cheapest flight, so we bit the bullet and booked with them again. Never again!


Photo credits:Ross Parmly

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