The temples at Xian Mountain

You are intrigued after departing the bus and taking in your surrounding—the grey skies,the temple, the market and the few buildings. It is said that travellers flock to this area because of the healing waters at the temple.

You venture over to the steps and begin the climb, for numerous reason: the healing waters, fascination, curiosity. You’ve never been to a place like this before and cannot leave without fully exploring it’s secrets.

If not for the allure of the temple, you would still explore as the mountain is beautiful onto its self. The trees and plants, with that shade of green, it breaths life and vitality. Have you ever seen green, so green before? —You agree the waters must be special, because this forest is alive. 

You climb those steps the threshold between our world and the spirit world— the realm of the ancestors— and the steps are worn from the many feet who have taken this journey before. You see nature trying to creep its way back through the stone and reclaim what was theirs, the healing waters. But you climb higher as this place is magical. Climbing and climbing you look up and coming into focus is the building you saw up high, so you look back and realize the temple below has disappeared.

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