The temple in the clouds

You climbed and climbed, until you final arrived—to the healing waters of Xian mountain and the temple in the clouds. You already begin to feel as though you’ve been transformed—the journey having spiritual and physical effects upon your person and you are now in the metaphysical plain.

This place is dark and mystical, something out of a movie. The ancient builders of this temple must haven chosen this space because it appears as though you are in the heavens: high up in the clouds, where all you can see are the tops of the trees.

In spite of the grey surrounding you there is color, vibrant and beautiful. The fog brings out the vivd natural colors around you. And the people who have worshiped here have added to that beauty with the colors they use to decorate the temple.

There are shrines for the ancestors and shrines to the gods, and many other things of which you don’t know. Walking around this place, it becomes more and captivating. There is so much to see and explore and let us not forget the healing waters, this space is truly unique.

You explore curiously yet reverently, as this is a place of worship. But you cannot help but cause a stir, as the temple goers become rather intrigued. A group of 4 visibly foreign visitors, probably don’t come to this temple often.

Eventually it is time to go, but that is not before you try to talk to the locals and quietly observe their religious customs. You descend the steps and make your way back to the bus feeling renewed. Once seated and on your way back to Nanzhuang, you realize you forgot to fill your bottle with the healing waters. So you must return to Xian Mountain and the temple in the clouds.

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