The Rhodes Handbook

Rhodes (not to be confused with Rhodes island, New England) is a Greek island, with history, beaches, culture and that Grecian sun we all know and love. This summer during my mini European adventure, I had the pleasure of visiting this quiet island to spend a few days soaking in the sun and history. Let’s go…

Rhodes map

Try taking one of the numerous ferries from Athens to the islands. It is an interesting novelty, plus going back to the airport is unappealing and unnecessary. The ferry has many travel options for many budgets: a seat, a cabin, deluxe cabin etc. The ferry is like a mini cruise with many of those amenities and travelling at night means you wake up in a new city without any fuss.

One of the various ferry operators servicing Rhodes and the other Greek Islands.

Arrive in Rhodes island port and taxi to the hotel which is under 10€, if you’re staying in Rhodes city. Depending on how early you arrive, your room may or may not be ready, so prepare to wait. But while you wait, go get breakfast at Finn Cafe, as it’s self service, delicious and quiet. Once you room is ready, change your clothes and go to the beach, because that is the appeal of this island and many off the other Grecian islands. Once you’ve worked up an appetite lounging in the sun, change your clothes and get dinner.

Take your breakfasts at the hotel because it’s complimentary and you save a few bucks. Also take your time as there is no rush, even allow an after breakfast nap if you feel so inclined. Once ready to strike out, go find the first stop on the tourist train and take it for a ride. You get a little information and a lot of great views of this historic city, it’s roughly 45 minutes but well worth it. As the train cannot go into the old city and down those narrow paths: you go yourself to explore the remains of another time and the more modern touristy shops which have taken over. All this walking and the hot sun make you tired, go back to the beach and swim like a fish in the salty Mediterranean.

On the train
In the historic old town

The next day after breakfast, you can walk through the shops like a good traveller. There is a good mix of tourist stores of trinkets and souvenirs, with your trendy shops like Zara, H&M, Bershka to name a few. Therefore, if you are really looking to shop you can find something in the area which is not too far from the hotels. While you’re out there try to find the bookstore, so you can be prepared for the afternoon activity of laying out at the beach again. Make sure to get some greek food in during all your time, as some places can be quite exceptional and others not so much. Time is a fickle thing for once you finally slow down to take it easy it flies by, and without even trying you have breezed through Rhodes like a champ.

Beach, boats, board walk and old city walls, Rhodes has got it all
Sun setting on another adventure

Now are you ready to make your first foray into the African continent? Next stop Marrakech, Morocco.

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