a Minimalist guide to packing

minimalist packing

This guide has been in the works for the past 2 years. After leaving home 2 years ago to travel, I’ve been on day long and week(s) long trips; all the while being on an extended trip away from Canada as an ESL teacher. I’ll be honest when I first left in October 2015 I […]

How to increase Instagram Engagement

Tanya Weekes a professional photographer and avid instagram user taught me how to use Instagram. By following her advice I have seen a difference in my social media presence; so I have returned to the social photography app with a new mindset and drive. 4 Steps for Instagram Engagement:  Post regularly or people forget about you. We are […]

A guide to Sun Moon Lake

How to get there? From Hsinchu or anywhere else, take the high-speed rail (HSR) to Taichung. This a more costly option but definitely better in the end because the bus or train both take over an hour, where the HSR takes 30 minutes. From the HSR station there is a bus that takes you to […]

Hiking Tips

Although I am personally more of an urban explorer, I’ve been stepping out recently to explore the wilderness and its beauty, and I’ve learned quite a few things on how to make hiking an easy adventure. You need a rucksack to hold all your items, it’s a necessity. Comfortable walking shoes, I’ve said this before and […]

4 Tips for Moving Abroad

Pack Light Almost anywhere you can go will have stores where you can buy clothing, accessories, shoes, hygiene essentials or anything else your heart desires. Therefore you do not need to bring your entire life from home with you—even if you plan on moving indefinitely.   Research It’s always good to have a general idea about […]

6 tips to exploring cities

I’ve now been to some of the major world cities: New York, London and Paris (or maybe they’re just the major fashion cities). Regardless, I’ve learned a few things I thought I’d share. They’re basically applicable to all major cities not just these three. 1. Keeping Safe. We’ve all been informed about the pickpockets that […]

Helpful tips from you, to me, to you

Alas..! I was informed to my dismay, that everything I was thinking of bringing—I should cut that in half. IN HALF!! Why on God’s green earth would you say something like this, at time like time like this: my world was shattered, my vision blurry, my knees weak, I couldn’t breath for a few seconds. […]

Parental Advice

I’m leaving on Wednesday, so my parents gave me some last minute travel tips. ‘Twas a nice day, until they ruined it with all their sage advice. Thank you, but no thank you!   Don’t trust anyone Bring €1000 But don’t carry all your money with you Don’t stand out, blend in Walk like you know […]

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