Working at a Taiwanese Kindergarten | The Ugly

Can it really get worse than admin work?— yes it can. Kindergarten ain’t always sunshine and lollipops, it’s got an ugly mean side. Let’s begin with the germs and the filth: almost every week one of my students was sick and still at school. In Asia they wear masks when they have a cough to […]

Working at a Taiwanese Kindergarten | The Bad

I like to start with the good things about working with small children in a foreign country; so check the previous post to know everything good. The Bad Not everyday was fun and games, actually some days were down right challenging. I did not bite off more than I could chew, but more than I […]

Working at a Taiwanese Kindergarten | The Good

If you don’t know by now then you haven’t been reading, but that’s okay. For the past year I was teaching ESL at a Taiwanese kindergarten and it has been quite the year. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into! But during the school year I have experienced a whole lot and now […]

Learning to Fly | Part Two

Teaching aside, let me update you on my experience in the country thus far—not bad. I came at a good time, so I missed the excruciating heat of July and early August. Yes, there have been typhoons, the first didn’t affect me and the city, the second came through with high winds and rain and […]

Learning to Fly | Part One

Its official I’m here. I’ve been here for over a month and now I have my paperwork to establish that I’m legally allowed to be here. As you know from my last post I’m starting a new adventure. Well it’s been quite something these last few weeks and as people have been telling me it’s […]

9 Months Abroad

Where do I start in describing 9 months away from home?–I guess I start with the good stuff. I was placed in a wonderful school and area through the program I participated in. I spent 9 months in Sant Andreu, a neighbourhood (barrio) in the Northwest part of Barcelona. It’s not central city, but it’s […]

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