hello world

I am now the owner of my name, you can call me… Mishele (like always) I’ve made the switch from Blogger to WordPress. So bear with me in this time of change, and just in general. I’ve got some work to do in formatting my old post. But thank goodness for the internet community and […]

Back to Writing

  It is the new year and I am back to writing. I keep saying I want this to be a thing, like I want this blogging thing to take off… And then I write two post and wonder why no one is looking at my writing and how come I am not generating any […]

Stuck on the Details

That pice of arugula that isn’t in the sandwich annoys me, it’s all I see when look at this picture  This always happens to me, I get stuck on the details and fail to look at the big picture. I want things to be a certain way, so I fixate on having them exactly as […]

Public Service Announcement

I’d like to apologize from the get go: about my grammar, spelling and dictation. I love to write, it is a passion of mine. Though I need to rekindle the flame as I’ve let it wane. However with that being said, we all have our unique ways of going about things. And it just so […]


I didn’t know it would be this hard, I’m frustrated already and this is just my first post. All I want are some drop down menu bars to make my little blog easier to navigate and to feature specific things. I tried to no avail, to work with WordPress. Though that option is there, I […]

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