How to increase Instagram Engagement

Tanya Weekes a professional photographer and avid instagram user taught me how to use Instagram. By following her advice I have seen a difference in my social media presence; so I have returned to the social photography app with a new mindset and drive.

4 Steps for Instagram Engagement: 

Post regularly or people forget about you. We are always looking for entertainment and generally profiles that provide consistency are popular and long-lasting. Try to post daily or at lest 3 times a week, at the peak times for optimal success and responses. Use an Instagram companion app like Unum, that can show you results about your posts. 


Tags to reach out to your target audience. If you don’t use tags only your followers will see your images and it’s hard to gain a large following like that. Do a preliminary search on tags before posting and use relevant tags for your picture or the audience. You can post the tags as the first comment under your picture, if you don’t want the caption to be too long.


Show appreciation where it is due, like and comment, get in engaged with other users. Users are more likely to engage with you if you are engaging with them, or the community. A like is great, but a comment is even better; comments are more likely to draw users to your profile. Don’t worry about going too far back in a profile, users will appreciate your likes and comments whether its about their most recent picture or one from a few years ago. When commenting you can refer users to your own profile, but don’t do it all the time.


A theme or something that brings continuity to your pictures. Look at your instagram as a 9 square grid of pictures rather than one picture at a time, and post pictures that are cohesive in some way. You can tell a story through the captions. You can follow a color scheme, although that can be a little tricky. Or post on a subject of choice, for example travel, lifestyle, hair etc. Through keeping some sense of continuity, your profiles becomes more accessible. I would caution about making the theme all about you, in my opinion an accountant full of only pictures of the person, is not one I am going to follow.



Remember nobody becomes Instagram famous with their first post, all things take time. But by applying these tips, you will surely increase followers and engagement.

Go follow @tanyaweekes on instagram and check out her website

A profile with great pictures and few followers, 

is better than a lot followers and bad pictures.

What are your instagram tips and tricks?-Comment below

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