Peace in Xiangtian Lake


Taiwan has a lot of natural beauty, it is a natural paradise;  when in Taiwan a place to visit is Maoli county for its natural and mysterious beauty.

photo credits: Terence Travel log

There are tourist buses located in most major train stations that help you explore the area if you don’t have your own transportation. When I went with some friends it was a nice weekend, so the bus was busy and we didn’t get a seat until the very end. Tip: go earlier than the scheduled departure time, to get a seat.

We visited Xiangtian Lake, which is on the blue line route. The lake was a little less than interesting. However, the tranquility of the area is something to note, it’s so peaceful and quiet. It is a nice contrast to the busy cities where many visitors live. I did have some awesome shots taken, which will be featured in a later post.

In the surrounding area there is a little market, they advertise the area as being populated with locals who have lived in the regions for many generations. It is a good place to go and learn about one of the aboriginal groups in Taiwan. The locals here sell traditional items, like jewellery and food, a popular item being sold was honey.

photo credits: Terence Travel log

After spending roughly an hour here, as there’s really not much to do, we take the same bus back to the starting point to try another route and destination. The tourist bus main access point is Nanzhuang Township, specifically located in the city centre by the famous Old Street.

This strategic location gives you access to the Old Street, which is a market street with many delights. There is also the tourism centre with information, maps and public washrooms. We had lunch in the area too at a vegetarian noodles restaurant, which a nice Taiwanese lady walked us over too. 

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