Marrakech on a 80€ budget

Now I’m no extreme budget traveller. But neither am I a high roller ready to drop stacks on a dime. I like to consider myself as the modest traveller. However, I wanted to challenge myself while on a brief trip in Marrakech to stay within a budget considering I’m only there for 3 full days.

About Dirhams

Morocco, is a country with a closed currency meaning you cannot exchange their dollars at the end of your trip. The exchange rate is 10:1 where 1 euro is 10 dirham, and if you exchange at the airport you get more as the rate is better. I’ve had experiences with closed currencies before, i.e. Vietnam; so I knew before exchanging my euros, not to get too many.

Before exchanging your euros, know that you can use them at almost all retailers and a lot of places take credit card. But my math is too terrible to be buying things with Euros and trying to figure it out. As well, if you’re pulling out euros they may increase the prices or just try to pull the wool over your eyes because that’s not their currency. 

How I spent 800DH in 3 days, Marrakech on a 80€ budget 

$280— transportation, to and from the airport and once from Jemaa El Fna

$300— at Henna Art Cafe, for lunch, henna and tips, spent over 2 visits (it was so good and easy to find that I went back)

$100— at Earth Cafe, for vegetarian lunch and mint tea

$40— at my Riad for a moroccan style breakfast

$50— for lunch at 7 Saints, in Jemaa El Fna, it wasn’t good I would not recommend

$10— for entrance in Palace de Bahia

The rest was spent on beverages because it was so darn hot.

As you can see Morocco is definitely doable on a budget. I could have spent less and gotten more, considering I was always eating at restaurants which may not be the Moroccan way. If you’re willing to live like a local during your stay, it’ll be even cheaper.

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