How to Breeze through Athens

Arrive, August 15 which is a National holiday, meaning the whole city was shut down. During the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel, it is utterly perplexing to see empty highways, streets and sidewalks. The arrival time was earlier than anticipated because of a ticket fiasco, but graciously the hotel had a room available, albeit not the room previously booked. After settling down it’s time to explore, a trip to Piraeus to fetch the ferry tickets for the next destination, plus a quick walk and bite to eat in the area. Afterwards the remainder of the afternoon spent in the Archaeological museum.

The walk up to Acropolis hill

The next day, breakfast provided by the hotel and the Acropolis on the list. Despite leaving at a time which presumed to be early there was still a line and a 45 minute wait to buy tickets, so try to beat the lines by going at the opening time. The trek through the Acropolis is a dusty affair, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. It gets quite busy at the steps as everyone is trying to go in and take pictures at the same time.

The stairs

Never mind trying to get good pictures without photo bombers at the Parthenon, unless you know something I don’t. The Acropolis should take you about 2 hours, not including the wait to get in. Afterwards you can explore the surrounding area and souvenir shops.

Made it!

The next day again breakfast at the hotel but a lighter version today, and then return to the Acropolis area to knock all the other sites off the list. Then get lunch at one of the numerous restaurants nearby. Afterwards, the Acropolis museum, which may have been my favourite thing.

One of the other historical sites

It was so fascinating learning about the Parthenon and all the changes it has gone through over the years. After the museum is finished more walking through that area. After working up an appetite, return to the hotel to freshen up and then back to Monastiraki, to get dinner and take an after dinner stroll through the lanes and shops.

Another site to check out, this was a lot less crowded


Then Athens is finished although there is still one more night. Sleep in a little later then get the last free breakfast, before checking out but leave the bags. Omonoia metro stop, is an interesting area but not with a great reputation. Regardless there are shops to browse which are cheaper than the tourist holes in Athens center, so spend some time around here. After shopping, grab bags and head to Piraeus for the ferry to the islands. Now you have just breezed through Athens like a champ.

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