Marrakech on a 80€ budget

Now I’m no extreme budget traveller. But neither am I a high roller ready to drop stacks on a dime. I like to consider myself as the modest traveller. However, I wanted to challenge myself while on a brief trip in Marrakech to stay within a budget considering I’m only there for 3 full days. […]

Guide | Athens

Athens travel advice for the solo traveller, trying to live a minimalist lifestyle. Duration: Roughly 2 full days is enough, try to go for 3 nights with 2 full days. This gives you more than enough time to see all the main historical attractions and museums, if your interested in that. With this time it […]

6 tips to exploring cities

I’ve now been to some of the major world cities: New York, London and Paris (or maybe they’re just the major fashion cities). Regardless, I’ve learned a few things I thought I’d share. They’re basically applicable to all major cities not just these three. 1. Keeping Safe. We’ve all been informed about the pickpockets that […]

Helpful tips from you, to me, to you

Alas..! I was informed to my dismay, that everything I was thinking of bringing—I should cut that in half. IN HALF!! Why on God’s green earth would you say something like this, at time like time like this: my world was shattered, my vision blurry, my knees weak, I couldn’t breath for a few seconds. […]

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