Marrakech on a 80€ budget

Now I’m no extreme budget traveller. But neither am I a high roller ready to drop stacks on a dime. I like to consider myself as the modest traveller. However, I wanted to challenge myself while on a brief trip in Marrakech to stay within a budget considering I’m only there for 3 full days. […]

The Rhodes Handbook

Rhodes (not to be confused with Rhodes island, New England) is a Greek island, with history, beaches, culture and that Grecian sun we all know and love. This summer during my mini European adventure, I had the pleasure of visiting this quiet island to spend a few days soaking in the sun and history. Let’s […]

How to Breeze through Athens

Arrive, August 15 which is a National holiday, meaning the whole city was shut down. During the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel, it is utterly perplexing to see empty highways, streets and sidewalks. The arrival time was earlier than anticipated because of a ticket fiasco, but graciously the hotel had a room […]

Guide | Athens

Athens travel advice for the solo traveller, trying to live a minimalist lifestyle. Duration: Roughly 2 full days is enough, try to go for 3 nights with 2 full days. This gives you more than enough time to see all the main historical attractions and museums, if your interested in that. With this time it […]

Mishele Moment | Ticket Fiasco

Way back in April my friend and I planned our European summer adventure. A fast paced, multi city tour, multi country sojourn which was setting up to be quite the adventure. We purchased flight tickets* and made our hotel accommodations, then set a countdown and continued on with work/life. August 14 The highly anticipated departure […]

Taiwan | Little Country, Big Adventure

East coast Taiwan

As school can sometimes be an all consuming behemoth, it’s great when weekends and breaks come along to get some rest and relaxation. However not every weekend, is meant to be spent vegging out in front of the TV until Monday morning. So I took advantage of my time to explore and have some fun. […]

The temple in the clouds

You climbed and climbed, until you final arrived—to the healing waters of Xian mountain and the temple in the clouds. You already begin to feel as though you’ve been transformed—the journey having spiritual and physical effects upon your person and you are now in the metaphysical plain. This place is dark and mystical, something out […]

The temples at Xian Mountain

You are intrigued after departing the bus and taking in your surrounding—the grey skies,the temple, the market and the few buildings. It is said that travellers flock to this area because of the healing waters at the temple. You venture over to the steps and begin the climb, for numerous reason: the healing waters, fascination, curiosity. […]

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