Mishele Moment | Ticket Fiasco

Way back in April my friend and I planned our European summer adventure. A fast paced, multi city tour, multi country sojourn which was setting up to be quite the adventure. We purchased flight tickets* and made our hotel accommodations, then set a countdown and continued on with work/life. August 14 The highly anticipated departure […]

Sun meets the Moon

Sun Moon Lake, the biggest (and only?) lake in Taiwan, located in Yuchi Township, Nantou County, close to Taichung.   Leaving our house at 6am on a Sunday, we took the local train to the Hsinchu HSR from there to Taichung. It was a long weekend and the bus was full, or maybe now the […]

Mishele Moment | I’m a Millionaire

In my recent travels I breezed through Vietnam, where for the first time in my life I was rich and ballin, however that’s not as great as it sounds. I exchanged money at the airport, I had some left over Thai Baht and I exchanged 100 USD, together I got around 3,200,000. Cool, I’ve never […]

Mishele Moment: planes, trains and automobiles

Just recently it was Mid-Autumn Festival i.e., Moon Festival in parts of East Asia, Which meant we had a holiday, a 4 day weekend. I was hyped, like no man’s business. The first 2½  weeks of school had been less than perfect and really long as I was getting myself accustom to the 9-5 after […]

Mishele Moment | Planning a trip to Italy

The history and the food, what more could you ask for and what more are you really going for— let’s be honest.  It began when, I was inviting a friend on my 3 day trip to Rome as a final celebration of a good year. I was trying to be nice and because it’s fun […]

Wandering | Perpignan

Back again with another quick trip: Perpignan, France. This was a rather spur of the moment thing, Christmas break was from December 22nd to January 11th: more than enough time for me to hit up more than one interesting place. With Google maps, I zoomed out from Barcelona and moved over to the south of […]

72 hours | Madrid

Arrival First a rather long bus ride: left Barcelona at 2:30pm, a quick stop in Zaragoza around 6pm and final destination Madrid around 10 — for a whopping 7.5 hours just travelling.   To the hostel, Cat’s which was rated 2nd best in Madrid: it’s easy to find, has a nice indoor patio area, a […]

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