Working at a Taiwanese Kindergarten | The Ugly

Can it really get worse than admin work?— yes it can. Kindergarten ain’t always sunshine and lollipops, it’s got an ugly mean side. Let’s begin with the germs and the filth: almost every week one of my students was sick and still at school. In Asia they wear masks when they have a cough to […]

a Minimalist guide to packing

minimalist packing

This guide has been in the works for the past 2 years. After leaving home 2 years ago to travel, I’ve been on day long and week(s) long trips; all the while being on an extended trip away from Canada as an ESL teacher. I’ll be honest when I first left in October 2015 I […]

Working at a Taiwanese Kindergarten | The Bad

I like to start with the good things about working with small children in a foreign country; so check the previous post to know everything good. The Bad Not everyday was fun and games, actually some days were down right challenging. I did not bite off more than I could chew, but more than I […]

Working at a Taiwanese Kindergarten | The Good

If you don’t know by now then you haven’t been reading, but that’s okay. For the past year I was teaching ESL at a Taiwanese kindergarten and it has been quite the year. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into! But during the school year I have experienced a whole lot and now […]

How to increase Instagram Engagement

Tanya Weekes a professional photographer and avid instagram user taught me how to use Instagram. By following her advice I have seen a difference in my social media presence; so I have returned to the social photography app with a new mindset and drive. 4 Steps for Instagram Engagement:  Post regularly or people forget about you. We are […]

Hiking in Taipei

Featured image by: Robert Minor Taiwan, is a small island that packs a punch! With parks, hot springs, valleys, mountains, beaches and forest there is more than enough to keep the avid outdoorsy type entertained.  In and around Taipei City, there are trails for hiking like the Houshan crest trail that takes you from one side […]

Hiking Tips

Although I am personally more of an urban explorer, I’ve been stepping out recently to explore the wilderness and its beauty, and I’ve learned quite a few things on how to make hiking an easy adventure. You need a rucksack to hold all your items, it’s a necessity. Comfortable walking shoes, I’ve said this before and […]

Spring has sprung

It is finally that time of year when I can leave the apartment on the weekends. I can go outside again, smell the flowers, see the colors and enjoy the sunshine. The Taiwanese winter has come to a close. Although I’ve been told we may get those occasional bouts of cold, the temperature should be on […]

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