Sometimes you gotta go where they don’t want you too.
Actually it was just for the cute pic, like hell if I was trying to go down those stairs

Where do I start in writing an entire page about me?

Well as the title of this site suggests, I’m Mishele (that’s where I start). I’m a twenty something year old girl from Canada, who doesn’t like the cold. For that reason and many others, I decided to leave the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) after finishing university to do a little travelling ad get out of the cold. My first stop was Barcelona, Spain: you can go read about the time I spent in Europe. After that I went a little further East and a little further south to Hsinchu, Taiwan: where I’m currently residing for an indefinite period of time.

But what about me? How would I describe me?

Well, I can insert the useful description I use to get jobs, which highlights and generally depicts a much better version of the real me. The real me is oddly adventurous, but not really. A girl who likes to read books and write stories- to live vicariously through others, if for just a moment. I’m a dreamer, I live in my head all too much. I like to sing to myself, but forget about singing to a room of people. I like to entertain, but on my own terms– I despise pageantry. I like to talk but only with talkative people. I enjoy my solitude a little too much, I can be quite introverted. I like to wear old man sweaters and stroke my chin as if I had a beard.  I’m an old soul, who often enjoys the quirky weirder things, but not too quirky or weird I have my limits. I can get along with most people and would say I’m rather agreeable, only because I don’t care for the hassle of being disagreeable. I try no to get too excited, or happy, or angry; I like to be calm and cool and collected. I would describe myself as a cat person, despite never having one and potentially never getting one.

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