The temple in the clouds

You climbed and climbed, until you final arrived—to the healing waters of Xian mountain and the temple in the clouds. You already begin to feel as though you’ve been transformed—the journey having spiritual and physical effects upon your person and you are now in the metaphysical plain. This place is dark and mystical, something out […]

The temples at Xian Mountain

You are intrigued after departing the bus and taking in your surrounding—the grey skies,the temple, the market and the few buildings. It is said that travellers flock to this area because of the healing waters at the temple. You venture over to the steps and begin the climb, for numerous reason: the healing waters, fascination, curiosity. […]

Peace in Xiangtian Lake

  Taiwan has a lot of natural beauty, it is a natural paradise;  when in Taiwan a place to visit is Maoli county for its natural and mysterious beauty. There are tourist buses located in most major train stations that help you explore the area if you don’t have your own transportation. When I went […]

How to increase Instagram Engagement

Tanya Weekes a professional photographer and avid instagram user taught me how to use Instagram. By following her advice I have seen a difference in my social media presence; so I have returned to the social photography app with a new mindset and drive. 4 Steps for Instagram Engagement:  Post regularly or people forget about you. We are […]